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This page is dedicated to the partners & sponsors of the Be Beautiful Foundation whose charitable contributions make our work possible #BeBeautiful


Bringing you the best in fitness training, photography, and sports counseling! Why choose Zoo Pak Fitness for starting your journey towards better health and wellness? Because we are one of you! The Zoo Pak Fitness and Be Beautiful teams are composed of members of your very own sporting communities who have spent time listening to and competing against fellow athletes to bring to you a comprehensive program that facilitates personal growth. The Zoo Pak philosophy takes a bare-bones, fundamentalist approach to hard work and achievement. We will never sell you the dream. We start with realistic goals, and support your growth with a team of certified fitness professionals, licensed sports counselors, and registered dieticians to facilitate success. To demonstrate our commitment to giving back, 30% of all proceeds contribute to the Be Be Beautiful Foundation!

Jakroo is a customized sports apparel provider for individuals and groups. It manufactures endurance apparel for cycling, triathlon, running, and skiing. Its product offering includes jerseys, shorts, skinsuits, outerwear tops and bottoms, warm-up pants, and jacket of various designs and shapes as per the requirement. What sets Jakroo apart is their easy to use custom design lab, or for the less tech-savvy, available pro design department to ensure that your ideas come to life. And with some of the fastest turn around time on the market within the industry, made from materials that keep you comfortable in the saddle or on the run for hours and hours, Jakroo makes for a partner in training that you can trust. To get your design started today, visit


Skratchlabs is a Provider of nutritional food products intended to assist athletes to perform better. The company's products are made from natural ingredients to solve sports nutrition problems and uses less sugar and more electrolyte, enabling athletes to consume real food, without offending their gut or taste buds. With roots in science to keep you performing for longer with less stress, and through extensive testing by the Zoo Pak team, Skratchlabs is the only liquid hydration that our team trusts to get us through race day. To learn more or to locate sports nutrition information from the Skratch Labs team, visit

Whether it's bombing down a technical track on a mountain bike or simply trying a new routine, there's an athlete in all of us. And athletes need the right fuel to meet every challenge. Honey Stinger provide the sports nutrition that uses nature's natural sweeteners to bring out the best in you while still tasting great. Because pushing through the burn gets a little sweeter when you actually enjoy what you're putting into your body. And with naturally sourced ingredients, Honey Stinger gels and solids are easy on the gut so you keep keep going for longer without the upset stomach caused by artificial ingredients. To receive periodic discounts follow @zoopakathleticclub on instagram, and visit for your next purchase.

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Innovation, research, aesthetics, technology and safety are just a

few of the Rudy Project's fundamental values that have garnered

praise of the Zoo Pak. As a leader in sports eye-wear, Rudy Project produces and distributes sports sunglasses, prescription glasses, helmets, goggles, and other sport accessories of the highest technical quality. Made in Italy, the brand draws inspiration from our athletes’ and champions’ performances to design revolutionary eye-wear.Through the use of solar technologies and bio-based polymers, Rudy Project promotes the use of renewable resources and its commitment to waste management. To learn more, and to place your first order of many, visit

ROLL Recovery has grown to be a leader in recovery and athletic performance and innovators in deep tissue massage therapy. Founded, owned and operated by athletes, ROLL Recovery’s mission is to create exceptional products to help athletes recover more efficiently and perform at their highest level. Based in Boulder, CO, their products are used by athletes across many different sports and industries - from Olympic Champions, professional athletes, NASA Astronauts, to outdoor enthusiasts and everyday weekend warriors. Roll Recovery strives for an exceptional customer experience at all levels. Their products are thoughtfully designed using the highest quality materials that are ethically sourced. To learn more visit and use promo code "zoopack10" to receive 10% your next purchase!!

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If you’re a triathlete or endurance enthusiast looking for your best. The most practical and very important information to help you gain an edge at your next competition. We promise that Ray will help you get your better results.

Raymond Botelho is a 28X Ironman Triathlete, Champion. He has been racing all over the world since 1994, and still going! Ray works one-on-one with all levels of triathletes and endurance athletes, helping them achieve their goals anywhere in the world.

51 Speedshop was developed to improve rider performance by focusing on comfort, positioning, and aerodynamics. Backed by advanced bike fit knowledge, they utilized 3D printed segments to construct extension shapes into neutrally orientated wrist positions promoting upper body comfort and relaxation. Based on rider data gathered during the bike fit process, they developed three unique extension shapes to cover a wide range of rider fit preferences. Found on Ironman winning athletes such as Sam Long, 51 Speedshop is Team Be Beautiful's trusted brand for upgrading cycling cockpits. Zoo Pak members contact us for your 30% off your next eligible purchase at


The Magic 5
(20% Members Discount)

As seen on Shark Tank, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Triathlete Magazine, New York Times, and Today, THEMAGIC5 creates custom fit swimming goggles, made to measure the unique contours of your face to ensure a gasket with no chance of leakage, or suction marks.Using Optimal Fitting Technology, TheMagic5 goggles are made to measure, for a better swimming experience.

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